Manitoba Barrel Racing Association

Jackpot Hosting Information


Hosting a barrel racing jackpot is easy! All you need is a barrel  patch, a host package, and volunteers to help set up timers, rake  barrels and take entries. We encourage all members to host an event to  help those near you to qualify for the MBRA Finals!

Important Tips to Remember when you decide to host a jackpot:

  • Complete a sanction form and submit it to the office at minimum seven days prior to the jackpot.  The sanction form enables us to add the information to our jackpot  calendar. It is very important you include all details divisions you  will be offering (Open, Youth, Select, Peewee), entry fee, added money,  and your contact information.
  • You must payout 70% of the fees you collect.
  • If you are not following standard MBRA payout you must submit a deviation in payout form 30 days in advance of the jackpot.
  • If you cancel your jackpot you must notify the office or you will  be charged the $10.00 sanction fee. You can reschedule your jackpot  when you contact the office to cancel without providing the seven days  notice.
  • Day of the jackpot you must ask all contestants  to show you a membership card or a permit card. A picture of the card is  acceptable. If a contestant shows you a permit card please initial the  back of it.
  • If you are allowing carry over contestants must declare at time  of jackpot. No carry over is allowed between double header jackpots. You  must run in both jackpots for attendance purposes.
  • Results including sanction fee and prize fund must be submitted  to the office within 7 days. You can mail or scan and e-mail your  results. Fees will be accepted by e-transfer or cheque.
  • All jackpot hosts are required to post results and payout onto an MBRA results Facebook page.  
  • All hold back must be put on the sanction form so it can be advertised on the website. 

The MBRA Board reserves the right to decline hosts the opportunity  to sanction jackpots based on past problems from hosting previous  jackpots.

Attention Jackpot Hosts

 All jackpots must be approved by the MBRA office . Please submit the MBRA Sanction Form (included in the Jackpot Host downloads), at least one week prior to your jackpot.

Jackpot Hosts must submit the following to the MBRA office within one week of the jackpot:

  • Jackpot Results (must include time sheets and payouts) 
  • $10 Sanction Fee
  • $1 per horse Finals Prize Fund (Pee Wees exempt)

Please make cheques payable to the MBRA or etransfer

How to Sanction & Host a MBRA Jackpot


  1. Fill out MBRA Sanction Form with appropriate information and  send into the office by e-mail or mail prior to advertising on social  media so the sanction can be approved and updated on our website. 
  2. Sanction form must be to the MBRA office within one week of scheduled jackpot
  3. Print off jackpot guide and read the rules. You must be a  member of the MBRA or have a permit application to compete at a jackpot.  Membership cards / Permit cards are issued to members to present to the  jackpot host when entering if a member does not have a card they will  not be allowed to compete.
  4. Hosting jackpot - you will require timers, gate worker, rakers,  secretary, announcer (optional). After jackpot- do payout with the  guidelines of the jackpot guide. Make sure the horse and riders name are  correct.
  5. Send jackpot results, sanction fee ($10.00) per jackpot and $1  prize fund for each horse/rider combo for all divisions per jackpot  within one week. Please specify additional charges that may apply to  jackpot. Results can be e-mailed or mailed to the office.

 Jackpot hosts must verify that all competitors hold a membership or  permit by asking competitors to present their card or verify the name on  the membership list on the website. If someone competes at your jackpot  without a membership; you will receive a warning and if it occurs a  second time you will be suspended from hosting jackpots for 60 days. 




  • MEMBERSHIP FORMS AND FEES must  be sent in to the MBRA office by the individual seeking a membership.  Membership becomes active upon it’s receipt to the MBRA office.
  • Membership Categories :
    • Youth membership is available for individuals 16 years of age and under as of January 1st of the current year.
    • Open membership is available to individuals of any age.
    • Select membership is available to individuals 50 years and older.
    • Open/Youth or Open/Select combination memberships are available to allow members to compete in both categories at the finals.
    • Pee wee membership is available to any child at no fee. There  is no cross entry with Youth and PeeWee categories for the finals.  PeeWee age to enter the finals - 4-10 years of age.
  • Membership Deadline: Memberships must be paid prior to any jackpots to qualify for finals; otherwise these qualified jackpots are forfeited.
  • Membership is mandatory to compete at a sanctioned event.
  • There will be $25 charge for any NSF cheques written to the MBRA.


  • Sanctioning A Jackpot :  Hosts wishing to  sanction jackpots must submit  a sanction form to the MBRA secretary a  minimum of seven days in advance of the  intended jackpot to provide the  required information for the website. 
  • Sanction Fees :  Each jackpot must pay a $10.00 Sanction fee to  the MBRA. 
  • $1 Prize Fund :  Each jackpot must pay a $1.00  fee per horse  entry per jackpot, to be collected and sent to the MBRA  to be used as a finals  fund.  Only the PeeWee division is exempt  from  this. 
  • All jackpot hosts are required to post results and payout onto an MBRA results Facebook page.  
  • All hold back must be put on the sanction form so it can be advertised on the website.
  • There will be $25 charge for any NSF cheques  written to the MBRA. 
  • Cancelled jackpots without  notification to the office will be charged the $10.00 sanction fee. 
  • Dual Approvals : Hosts have the  option to dual  approve jackpots with any province or state that borders  Manitoba under  the rules of the host. Manitoba jackpots are under Manitoba  rules. 
  • Qualifying jackpots can be obtained in any state or  province as long as they are MBRA approved. 
  • Youth and Select jackpots will run  separately from the open jackpots.  Youth  and select will also have a separate payout from the open. 
  • Category Option: Hosts have the  option of offering any age category or all. 
  • Jackpots that offer all divisions  can allow  carry over of times if the pattern is the same for each for those  that  run in 2 divisions.  Competitor’s  decision to carry over times must be  declared at time of entry.  
  • Jackpot Hosts have the opportunity  to  reschedule the same day they cancel without the 7 days notice but must   reschedule when cancelling their scheduled jackpot. 
  • All jackpot entries to be paid with  cash with the exception of pre-enter jackpots. 
  • MBRA Board has the right to  decline hosts the opportunity to sanction jackpots due to past problems from  hosting jackpots


Dress Code

  • Western Dress : The host has the  option of  choosing “required western dress” (cowboy hat, western boots, long   sleeved shirt, etc.) If this option is chosen, the host also has the  option of  enforcing the hat rule (hat must remain on rider entering the  arena, during the  run, and exiting the arena). If hat rule is  enforced, penalties or “no times”  are option of the host, but must be  made clear prior to event start. 
  • Competitors must compete in a saddle at  jackpots. 


  • The MBRA recommends a closed gate for safety. 
  • The MBRA barrel pattern must have the following minimum distances: 
    • 45 foot stopping distance 
    • 20 foot score line 
    • 15 feet off the fence/wall for 1st and 2nd barrels, 18 feet off  the wall/fence for 3rd barrel. 
    • The arc between 1st - 3rd, and 2nd - 3rd should be equal. 
  • Markers : The start/finish  line and the barrel  positions must be marked with ground markers for the entire  event,  excluding the peewee age category.



  • The starting gate will remain the same for the entire event. 
  • Every effort should  be made to keep the ground conditions within the arena consistent with  the arena consistent throughout the  event. The ground around each barrel must  be worked and levelled after a  certain number of contestants have competed.  Host will decide number  depending on ground conditions. MBRA suggests after  every 5-9 runs. 
  • Timing A Run : Any time a  contestant crosses  over the start line, the time will begin. The time will end  when they  cross it again after a completed pattern. 
  • Barrel racing is a  timed event using three identical barrels set in a cloverleaf pattern.  (MBRA finals use empty 45 gallon metal  barrels with closed ends.) Jackpot shows  are not required to use metal  barrels, however the barrels must be empty and  have both ends closed. 
  • Penalties : When a contestant  knocks over a  barrel, he/she receives a no time. A “no time” will also be given  if a  barrel is knocked over and sets up again on either end. Touching a  barrel,  including keeping it from falling while remaining horseback, is  permitted without  penalty. A no time will result in the contestant  being removed from the payout  and all calculations. 
  • Resetting Barrels : If a barrel is  moved off its marker during competition, barrel must be reset prior to next  competitors run.  
  • A horse may not compete against itself in a division. It may only be ridden by 2 different riders at each specific jackpot in different divisions. This is excluding Peewee and including side pots.  Any horse competing at an approved MBRA competition can only make 4 runs total per day. (Passed at 2019 AGM )
  • Companion horses leading a competing  horse into the arena cannot be in the arena or passed the entry gate during the  competitors run. 
  • Contestants must  compete in a saddle at jackpots. 
  • Contestants must be  ready when called.  Contestants name will   be called three times and their run will be forfeited should they not  enter  after the third call.  Jackpot hosts have  the discretion on this  as number of entries and time allowed for the jackpot  will play a  factor. 
  • Qualified Runs : Contestants must  be mounted and at least trot the pattern in order for that jackpot to count as  a qualifying jackpot. 
  • Breaking Pattern : A contestant will  be disqualified for going off pattern. 


  • Timer Failure : Reruns shall be  granted if the  timer fails to work properly of if the barrels are not placed  properly  on their markers. No prior penalty will apply to the rerun. 
  • In the event of a timer malfunction that horse  and rider will take their re-run in the next section of the  rake.  If  during a run and the timer  malfunctions and a barrel has been knocked  or broken pattern there will be no  re-run granted. 
  • Using Stop Watches :The host has the   discretion to use stop watches or electric timers. If using electric  timer, the  MBRA recommends the use of a backup stop watch. 
  • Timer Option : IF the timer fails  to record  times on 3 competing horses, the host has the option of rerunning  these  horses or using the stop watch times for all competitors. 


  • Payout : A minimum of 70%  of the total prize money (with added money and entry fees) must be included in  the payout. 
  • Administration fees are not taken out of  the added money. Administration fees are deducted from entry fees after timer  fees have been deducted. 
  • Division Payout Splits : The split of money   between and within D’s is outlined in the Payout Guide (included in the  host  package). Please refer to these sheets for details.  Any $500  or more added money jackpots have an option to go 3-D format instead of 4-D  format.
  • Payout splits if empty division : If no horses  place  in the 2D or 3D or 4D, the prize money for that division will be  split evenly  among the Divisions where horses did place. 


Matters involved under Penalties will be brought before the MBRA   executive by a written statement. Any of the following actions may  result in  suspension or disqualification from the MBRA during the  competitive year. 

  • Using abusive language or attempting to threaten, bribe,  influence, or harass any contestant, show official or MBRA official. 
  • Moving or attempting to move markers at any time. 
  • Use of electronic and/or remote controlled devices to alter  the outcome of a run. 
  • Abuse of a horse in any way. 
  • Competing while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 
  • Misidentifying a horse in any MBRA classes  will disqualify a contestant. 
  • Other conduct that is not in the  best interest of the MBRA or its members. 

Appeals, Protests, Complaints

  • A member guilty of a rule violation or  suspension/disqualification may send a written appeal to the MBRA executive. 
  • Signed Protests : A person(s) who  believe a  rule violation/infarction or other improper action(s) or conduct has   occurred at a MBRA sanctioned event may file a SIGNED WRITTEN PROTEST  with the  MBRA executive. 
  • The MBRA Executive will deal with each case in its entirety. 
  • The MBRA Executive has the right to revoke membership upon any of  the above misconducts. 


The MBRA executive will appropriately conduct a Season Finals  suitable to the general membership.
Eligibility : 

  • To be eligible for the MBRA finals, you must be a current member   of the MBRA and have competed in the required number of sanctioned  jackpots as  a horse/rider combination in each age category you wish to  enter. 
    • Open – 5 jackpots – 2 must be on MB Soil 
    • Youth – 3 jackpots – 1 must be on MB Soil 
    • Select – 3 jackpots – 1  must be on MB soil