May 25 Fundraiser Jackpot

May 25th Spring Fundraiser Jackpot

Thanks to everyone that attending the Friday night fundraiser. We were a small crowd but it was a lot of fun. That is the last fundraiser for the year.

Money raised from these jackpots go towards our finals and helping with some of the costs.

MBRA Fundraiser May 25th

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May 25 Fundraiser Jackpot

Entries close May 24th! E-mail entries to Payment will be accepted the day of the jackpot.



Friday May 25th Jackpot

Entries 05:30 to 07:00 pm – you must be entered by 7pm if your going to be late have someone enter you!
Toonie Runs 06:45 / Jackpot starts at 07:30pm

1 run jackpot with an opportunity to buy a second run for $10.00. Your second run cancels out your first.

Jackpot is not dress code.

Entry fee – Open, Youth, Select – 35.00 / PeeWee 5.00

Please e-mail entries to by May 24th noon so we can do the draw in advance.

If you have questions call the office.


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