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2020 MBRA Finals Dates

2020 MBRA Finals, Keystone Centre, Brandon MB
October 1- Move In
October 2 – Go#1
October 3 – Go#2
October 4 – Short Go
Mark Your Calendars!

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Rodeo Go. com

Are Finals Secretaries are using you can go there to see live results. Please do not hold to this as to where we are in the program as it may not be exactly correct if the website has not refreshed.

Thank you Charmaine for doing our event results this year!

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2019 MBRA Finals

The Secretary and President are on the move today setting up for your arrival! Please be patient we will respond to messages when we can!

See everyone tomorrow.

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Thursday October 3rd! Move in Day!

No arrivals before 10am!

If you have questions directors will all be wearing blue long sleeve shirts with the logo on just track us down we are more than happy to help you out!

I cannot stress this enough unload and park do not leave your trailer in front of the barn! There is a lot of horses to come into the grounds! Park tight! We will have people directing parking.

Check in at the office and pay for arena time slots at the announcer’s stand.

CBHI entries there will be a place to deposit them in front of the office door.

Brown Bag Auction donations tables will be set up! Do not forget the draw for Star Bucks for everyone who donates to the auction!


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Keystone Centre Camping Map and Keystone Centre Facility Map

Below is a link to some maps available on the Keystone Centre Website and a picture of the campground. There will be people assisting with parking if you are in doubt. All power spots will be labelled please do not park on a spot that does not have your name. We will ask you to move.

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2019 Stalling and Camping Maps

Stall Link Below:

Stall Maps 2019 Sept 27

On the link above are the stall and camping maps for the 2019 Finals. Your board has done everything they could to accommodate your requests. Due to the capacity of horses entered this year there will some stalling outside. We will not be juggling contestants around in stalls this is a final list. Please be considerate of the fact that we are trying to stall just under 500 horses this was not an easy task. 

Stalls were assigned based on order received in entry and if you requested to be stalled with someone your entry waited until the requested stall partner entry was received. 

The attached link is an excel spread sheet you will see a number of tabs the master sheet has everyone’s name for ease of use it will tell  you what barn you are in and where you have been assigned for [ ]

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CBHI Entries

CBHI Entry Form

CBHI Entries will be taken Thursday October 3rd. There will be a box outside the office to place your entry form, registration papers and payment into. You can staple your payment to the form. ENTRIES WILL CLOSE 9PM! No Forms will be accepted after that.
**Contestants please make sure you check the CBHI Stallion list to ensure the sire is still nominated into the program, there are some no longer in the program***

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Reminders 2019 MBRA Finals

A few reminders as Finals approaches:
1. You must check in Thursday Oct 3 by 9pm. You can have a friend check you in.
2. Arena time slots you book and pay for at the arena when you arrive.
3. Pick up all your shavings from the shavings trailer Thursday.
4. CBHI entries are Thursday entry forms will be available. You must have a copy of your papers.
5. IMPORTANT park tight. We will have people controlling parking we need to fit alot of trailers in a limited space.
6. Treat everyone with respect, have fun, enjoy the event!

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You must purchase your membership by the last day of Finals for any of your jackpots since August 19th, 2019 to count towards the 2020 finals. Immediately after finals October 7th you require a 2020 membership to compete at any event. We will have laptops at the swap and shop to do this but encourage members to do this in advance of finals!

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2019 MBRA Finals Draw All Divisions

Link to Finals Draw – Click on Tab for the division you want to see.


Attached is the complete draw for all divisions. Please review. If you find any errors please feel free to e-mail and advise of us the error. We did our best to proof read and make sure everyone had at least a 50 horse spread and horses names are spelt correctly.

Please understand with an event of this size we cannot accommodate special draw requests.

Good luck to everyone at the 2019 Finals continue to watch facebook and this page for updates.

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