SE Turn N Burn Wind Up

Date: 09/08/2017
Time: Friday 6pm / Saturday 11am SK Time

1 Run Only

Friday Order of Go - Youth and Open

Saturday Order of Go - Open, Youth, PeeWee  / Saturday Poles (Open / Youth), Bareback Barrels (All Together), Rescue Race (All Together)

Award / Payout / Potluck to follow fun events. No payout will be handed out until end of supper. Series awards, saddles, buckles and prizes up to 4th in Open and 3rd in Youth will be awarded.  Prizes for winners on the weekend are to be determined, but hoping for at least 1 prize in each D for open, youth, select and all peewee that day.

Dress Code Yes

Added Money - Open $800.00 / Youth - $150.00 / Select - $50.00 / PeeWee - Free

Entry Free - Open $100.00 / Youth $80.00  / Select $20.00 / PeeWee - Free

Location - Carievale Riding Arena

Pre-Entry only paid by September 1st enter on Facebook Page or text.

All Details on Facebook page SE Turn and Burn.