2018 Arena Staff

We are extremely excited to welcome back for this year:

Chas Lambert – Arena Director

Bonnie Campbell,  Campbell Horse Shows – Event Secretary

Marohn Images – Event Photography (No other professional photographers in or around the arena will be permitted)

This year please welcome Kelly Brice as our Announcer!

A round of applause to these folks! As a competitor and a board member I cant thank you enough for the work you do finals weekend!

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Check in Day at Finals

Please remember when you pull into the parking lot at finals there is 460 horses needing stalls and all those horses arrive in a trailer!! Do not pull in front of the barns and spend an hour unloading.  We will have people in the parking lot directing traffic to assist you when you pull in.

  • We ask that competitors be considerate of space when they park, if you are asked to tighten up space by one of our parking directors you must comply.
  • Pick all your shavings up that you ordered from the semi trailer parked over in front of the Canada Room barn, the shavings will only be available Thursday.
  • Check-in with the show office as soon as possible. Deadline is 9pm to complete this!
  • Arena time slots are available Thursday only we recommend you purchase them ASAP on arrival as well.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation throughout the weekend! Remember your Board of Directors are all volunteers be respectful of them and the Keystone Centre Staff and facility.

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Trade Show Exhibitors

We are very excited to see our trade show grow a little more each year! Here is a list of who has confirmed for this year!

Rodeo Dawg


Double J Saddlery

Tack In The Box

Carolyn Marohn Photography

Meffie’s Reins

North 40 Performance – Hemp products

Pegoski Performance Horse – Hansbro Products & Comfort Gut

WJ Livestock Supplies

Techna Vet

Also don’t forget about the Shop and Swap on Saturday night! Lots of exciting opportunities to shop on finals weekend.

If you are interested in a table for the shop and swap please e-mail Tables cost $20.00.

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Below is a list of some FAQs we have been getting regularly and just a few reminders!
1. No arrivals before 10am Thursday. YOU MUST CHECK IN WITH THE OFFICE BY 9pm on THURSDAY. If you are going to be late have a friend check you in!
2. Camping spots are hydro only.
3. If you have not paid for a plug-in spot. DO NOT PLUG IN! Your association gets charged for each plug-in spot used!
4. No dogs past the barn area.
5. Arena time slots run Thursday pay for them at the arena they run from 10am to 11pm. $10.00 for 20 minutes
6. CBHI entries will be taken in front of the show office Thursday 8pm to 9pm.
7. Start time Friday 8 am with Open. Event order is Open, Select, PeeWee, Youth.
8. Saturday is reverse order of go in the draw but we will start with Open.
9. If you carried your time you will run Youth or Select and carry to open.
10. Peewees will be presented their prize Saturday. PeeWee does not run Sunday.
11. Short go qualification is the aggregate (add your times) of two clean runs.
12. Short go will be posted Saturday after the Youth. Please allow us time to process this there is a lot of horses it will take time!
13. No carry overs for short-go if you qualify in Select and Open or Youth and Open you will run in both divisions. If you have two horses qualified close together we will be considerate of this and allow you time to change.
14. Sidepot prizes are awarded on the aggregate (add your times) on day 1 and day 2.
15. You must be present and in western attire to receive your prize; you cannot have someone accept it for you.
16. Scratch refund is 70 percent of your entry fee (excluding stalls) side pots are included in this you must notify the office by Thursday 9pm and provide a vet certificate by the end of the weekend.


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Camping 2018 Finals is all sold out!

Please note all the camping is sold out for finals weekend!

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September 18th jackpot results

Thank you to everyone who come out last night what a great turn out! We apologize for the glitch. Attached are the results if you are entered at finals your payout will be in your envelope otherwise right after finals it will be e-transferred to you.

westoba sept 18th mbra board jackpot

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2019 Board Directors needed!

We need Board Directors for the 2019 Season!
If you are involved in barrel racing in Manitoba this is your chance to contribute back to the sport you love! As a Board Director you are required to:
– Attend Board meetings (approximately 6 to 10 a year)
– Promote MBRA board hosted events such as jackpots and fundraisers.
– Find sponsorship for the year-end finals
– Assist with hosting the year-end finals
– Represent the MBRA by encouraging a positive environment at jackpots and encouraging the growth and development ofmembers.
Please contact Shannon Bowers at or 204-871-4960 if being an MBRA Board Director interests you!

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Stall Maps and Camping


Barn Maps & Campgrounds for MBRA FInals

Stall-Camping List Distribution Sept 16


Attached are the barn maps for finals weekend and a list of names in each barn. If you click on the link titled Stall-Camping Distribution September 16 you will find a tab titled master list with an alphabetical list of everyone with stalls and camping.

Please note we did our best to accommodate everyone’s request but there was 467 requests for stalls so it was impossible to meet everyone’s specific needs. Stalls were assigned in order of payment received and if you had a request to be with someone specific you were not placed on the stall map until that person paid their entry.

If you are missing on the stall list please contact  If your stalling is not where you would prefer we ask you to work out trades with other competitors and advise the office of the trade.

When contestants arrive board members will be available to assist you in parking as quickly as possible we have a lot of trailers to arrive on the Thursday please do not park for extended periods in front of the barn.


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2018 MBRA Finals Draws


Above is a link to the 2018 MBRA Finals Draw. We will move the draws to the Finals page on Monday when our website host can upload it to the finals tab.

Please take a look and email the office if we missed anything let us know it is a large draw and mistakes happen. Just e-mail the office.

Stall maps will hopefully be posted by Monday.

We are looking forward to Finals! Your board has been working very hard to make it a weekend to remember.

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Entries Received as of September 3rd 10:45 pm

This list reflects entry forms received up to 10:45 tonight. Midnight is the deadline.

Pam will be accepting e-transfers tomorrow as we maxed out our limited. Please note Pam has accepted everything she has received up to Sunday at 8pm.

If you notice any mistakes on the list let us  know by e-mailing 2018 Master Sheet For Posting September 3rd

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