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The membership form has changed this year it is now on-line. Please complete the form on-line do not send hard copies. Cheque or e-transfer will be accepted as payment options. A birth certificate is required for youth and peewee competitors and this can be uploaded with the on-line form.

Your membership is not complete without payment. Once payment is received the office will e-mail you a receipt to use as proof of membership until your membership card arrives in the mail.

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Directors Wanted!

We are looking for one more director to help out with the 2019 Season. If you are unable to make the director commitment we would appreciate anyone willing to volunteer to help us secure sponsorship or work at fundraiser jackpots or evening jackpots.

If you are interested in helping us out please contact Shannon Bowers at or call 204-871-4960.

Directors Notice

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2019 Important Season Dates

Mark your calendars!

• Deadline to purchase your membership to compete at the 2019 MBRA Finals is July 15, 2019. This means completed form, birth certificate for peewee or youth memberships and membership fees must be to the office.

Any memberships purchased after this date will be to compete at the 2020 MBRA Finals.

August 18th, 2019 is the last day to qualify for the 2019 MBRA Finals. Jackpot attendance requirement is as follows:
• 1 jackpot for PeeWee (no Manitoba soil requirement)
• 3 jackpots for Youth (1 jackpot is required on Manitoba soil)
• 3 jackpots for Select (1 jackpot is required on Manitoba soil)
• 5 jackpots for Open (2 jackpots are required on Manitoba soil)

August 30, 2019 entries close for 2019 Finals. Entry form will be available on-line and payment will be accepted by e transfer or cheque. If you are paying by cheque the cheque must be to the office by August 30, 2019. As well all copies of papers for side pots must be submitted. Excluding CBHI as entries for this will be taken check-in day of Finals.

• 2019 MBRA Finals
October 3rd – move in, arena time slots, registration closes at 9pm.
October 4th – Round 1 all divisions / AGM
October 5th – Round 2 all divisions / Pee Wee prizes awarded / Swap and Shop
October 6th – Short-Go / Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is / Awards

For any jackpots attended after August 18th to count towards 2020 you must purchase your membership by the Saturday night of Finals.

October 7th new membership year. You can no longer compete on your 2019 membership card a 2020 membership is required to attend any jackpots from this point forward.

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2018 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Put your money where your mouth is draw.


Mens Division 2018

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2018 Short Go Draws

Attached is an excel spreadsheet with the 2018 Short Go Draws there is a tab for each division.

Everyone runs in their division it does not matter if you carried over previously.

Youth and Select with two clean runs automatically return.


2018 Short Go

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Short – Go Posting – please allow secretaries time there is alot of times to verify

We will post the short go by the office please allow the secretaries time there is a lot of verifying to do and work for the aggregate.  Enjoy the shop and swap!

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Shavings are available to purchase today only.

$6.00 per bag. Come to the office to purchase them and you will get a ticket to take to the shavings trailer!

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Just a couple quick things

No move ins before 10 am Thursday!

There is no water with your camping spot hydro only.

Arena Time slots are purchased Thursday when you arrive.

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Stall List

Stall-Camping List Distribution Sept 24

Maps will be posted showing where your specific stall is. Attached is a list of the barn you are in.

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2018 Finals Draws with Scratches

The attached reflects the draw with reverse order for Saturday and each document shows our list of scratches for the weekend.

Rakes will be every 5 with scratches in. Large rakes every 50. You must be in the holding pen when called or you will not be allowed to run.

We start at 8am.



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