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May 25th Spring Fundraiser Jackpot

Thanks to everyone that attending the Friday night fundraiser. We were a small crowd but it was a lot of fun. That is the last fundraiser for the year.

Money raised from these jackpots go towards our finals and helping with some of the costs.

MBRA Fundraiser May 25th

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Results from Spring Fundraiser

Attached are the results from the jackpot. Of the 35.00 entry fee 5.00 was paid to the association and 5.00 was paid to the Keystone Centre as part of the arena fees.

The Board of Directors sincerely appreciates those that came out and supported this event as it is valuable to the operation of our year-end finals and keeping the costs down for this event.

Thanks again to all the members for an outstanding weekend.

Shannon Bowers,

MBRA President

Sat May 19 (1) mbra fundraiser (1)

Sun May 20 (1) mbra fundraiser (1)


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May 19 and 20 Schedule of Events

Reminder – This jackpot is mandatory western dress code both days.

We hope everyone enjoys the weekend!

MBRA Spring Fundraiser Schedule May 19 and 20

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Stall Map Spring Fundraiser May 19 and 20

Stall cards will be posted on each stall with a copy of the map on each end. We are in Barn 4. Stalls will not be available until 3pm. Pam and I will be set-up in the arena to take payment for stalls and shavings for those that have ordered shavings.

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Spring Fundraiser May 19 and 20 Draws Revised

2018 Spring Fundraiser Jackpot Draws

Attached is a copy of the draws for the Spring Fundraiser!
Reminder: Jackpot is mandatory western dress code and payout will be done each day.
Please review the draw if there are any errors let us know!
Continue to watch the blog for any updates for the weekend.

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Spring Fundraiser May 19 and May 20 Jackpot List of Competitors

2018 Spring Fundraiser Jackpot Website Post

Attached is a list of competitors for the jackpot May 19th and 20th take a look if your name is not there please e-mail the office at this weekend. Do not phone the office over the weekend please we will check e-mail regularly. We are just publishing this list to make sure we did not miss anyone.

Thanks to everyone who has entered and supported the association. This will be a fun weekend!

Draw will be posted Sunday night late.

Depending on stall numbers with ropers we may just publish what barn is available and only reserve for those hauling studs.

A revised schedule of events will be posted early in the week.

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Spring Fundraiser Host Hotels May 18 – 21

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May 25 Fundraiser Jackpot

Entries close May 24th! E-mail entries to Payment will be accepted the day of the jackpot.



Friday May 25th Jackpot

Entries 05:30 to 07:00 pm – you must be entered by 7pm if your going to be late have someone enter you!
Toonie Runs 06:45 / Jackpot starts at 07:30pm

1 run jackpot with an opportunity to buy a second run for $10.00. Your second run cancels out your first.

Jackpot is not dress code.

Entry fee – Open, Youth, Select – 35.00 / PeeWee 5.00

Please e-mail entries to by May 24th noon so we can do the draw in advance.

If you have questions call the office.


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MBRA Spring Fundraiser Update!

The first fundraiser jackpot is fast approaching and we are very exciting to offer you a great event in collaboration with Short-Go productions! As this is a first time attempt at hosting barrel racing and team roping all at one in this first class venue everyone be patient with us! MBRA will continue to update this section of the blog regularly with information! Below are a few questions we have had:

Pre-entry is mandatory. We will not accept entries the day of the jackpot no exceptions.
If you are booking stalls for your family and you have team ropers and barrel racers just book the number you need total with either MBRA or Short-Go. You don’t need to book with both groups.
Barns will open at 3pm.
Barrel racers toonie runs will be available Friday night, Saturday morning and Sunday morning you can pay for these time of. It will be $2.o0 for one [ ]

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Entry Form May 19th and 20th Jackpot

Please use one form per competitor.

Entries will close May 11th! Depending on numbers we may re-open entries at double entry fee for anyone who may wants to late enter until May 15th. NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED DAY OF THE JACKPOT.

Spring Fundraiser Entry Form Print and Fill

Spring Fundraiser Entry Form Fillable


You do not have to enter both days.

Absolutely no tying to the trailer overnight.

Camping spots can be booked through the Keystone Centre.

Toonie runs will be available to purchase Friday night an Saturday morning.

We encourage everyone to support our fundraiser weekends these weekends help us keep our costs down at finals and buy prizes! Please support your association.


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